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eHealth Exchange

NwHIN Gateway Services

MedVirginia is a pioneer in implementing and providing NwHIN Gateway services and continues to maintain state-of-the-art technology, combined with world-class services, to collaborate with the various federal agencies and healthcare providers on the Nationwide Health Information Network. MedVirginia has been successful in connecting the various healthcare providers it serves with efficient access to health information for the military and veterans that access care in the private sector, as well as the federal sector. In addition, MedVirginia-connected providers have enjoyed the financial benefits of utilizing the NwHIN to exchange information with the Social Security Administration for disability benefit determination.

MedVirginia not only continues to provide the most current technology, but also as a provider-sponsored health information exchange (HIE), works closely with the various NwHIN entities to realize benefits for its providers. It is this focus on provider benefit realization that has driven MedVirginia to be recognized as one of the top health information exchanges.