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HIO Professional Services

Developing a successful health information organization (HIO) is about more than technology. It is about stakeholder engagement and buy-in, which are essential but challenging. There are many opportunities for missteps, which cost time and money.

MedVirginia can help lead the way to success based on our real-world experience, results-oriented strategy and unique facilitation tools. Together, we can assist in moving committed stakeholders from conceptual ideas to operations. We can help maneuver through obstacles, detours and dead ends to rapidly develop the foundational elements that allow your stakeholders to feel comfortable using your HIO for all of their health information exchange needs. Our suite of services will expedite consensus building among your key stakeholders in the most important aspects of HIO development.

Our team of experienced leaders will assist in:

  • Developing foundational policies for HIO use and operation
  • Creating a Realistic business sustainability model
  • Designing a comprehensive HIO Operations Plan
  • Producing customized legal documents that reflect your consensus decisions
  • Establishing and implementing a success roll-out strategy